7 levels of JW Basketball players

  1. Beginner (White)

    • Dribble and handle the ball with both left and the right hand
    • Proper shooting technique.
    • Understanding of the basic defensive principles.
  2. Beginner Plus (Green)

    • Easily performs right and left handed lay ups.
    • Ability to dribble in traffic
    • Understanding of proper defensive stance and proper movement.
    • Understands and can do defensive concepts.
    • Can perform JW Basketball 6 break down moves on offense to get by a defender.
    • Proper shooting technique off the dribble.
    • Proper catch and shoot.
    • Understand basic techniques of footwork and shooting.
  3. Intermediate (Blue)

    • Can perform triple threat, jabs, rips, and JW pivots
    • Can execute JW footwork techniques on offense and defense.
    • Footwork of movement off the curls, step backs, and flair steps.
    • Shot consistency off the catch, shoot, and dribble from the 15 foot area.
    • Understanding of how to get open for a shot.
    • Understanding of how to move with and without the ball.
    • Understanding of lane movements and how to run a fast break.
  4. Intermediate (Yellow)

    • Advanced skill level on movement.
    • Can perform breakdown moves with proper footwork on offense and defense.
    • Can breakdown opposition on a consistent basis.
    • Can play strong 1 on 1 defense.
    • Shot consistency off the catch, shoot, and dribble from the 18-20 foot area.
    • Understand the advanced JW footwork on the college level for getting to the basket and creating space.
    • Can perform step back moves on offense with both hands.
    • Understand the use of the teardrop and the Euro Step.
    • Understands low post movements.
    • Wing skills on the left and right side.
  5. Advanced (Red)

    • JW Basketball IQ for intermediate and advanced offenses and defenses.
    • Advanced JW footwork on offense and defense.
    • Can perform JW basketball run slide run training drills.
    • Can perform proper off screen movements.
    • Can perform proper pick and roll techniques on offense and defense.
    • Understands help defense, hedge, and rotation.
    • Can perform proper backdoor, V cut, back screen, and slide screen movements.
    • Can perform JW’s complex movements off the dribble, off the catch, and shoot from the 18-20 feet area.
    • Can finish plays in traffic with contact and through hard fouls.
    • Shows consistent work ethic and training on a daily basis.
  6. Advanced Plus (Black)

    • Must have a varsity high basketball IQ
    • Desire to advance and appreciate the game of basketball
    • Well rounded player with leadership qualities.
    • Extreme quality in skill level and technique.
    • JW High school skill level on ball handling and dribbling.
    • Shot consistency of the dribble and catch and shoot with multiple movements.
    • At least 50% from the field when shooting out of 50 shots.
    • Shoots at least 500 shots per day.
    • High endurance and maturity levels.
    • Has above average ability to play multiple positions on the basketball court.
    • Able to complete combine level training.
    • Has proper academic grade requirements to qualify to play in US colleges.
    • Ability to read advanced offenses and defenses quickly.
    • Development of type “A” personality traits.
    • Able to handle “stay or stick” in US college environments.
  7. College Ready (Gold)

    • Has full filed all requirements and passed al skill levels needed to play college basketball in the US.
    • Academics are clean and ready.

Basketball places unique physical and mental demands upon its athletes. Basketball is a fast-paced and explosive game of real-time tactical execution that requires physical agility, explosive strength, healthy joints, aerobic endurance, and mental acuity.


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