Skills Development (ongoing)


JW Basketball skills development program is a uniquely designed set of basketball drills designed to give the high school athlete the ball handling, dribbling, driving, footwork, shooting, offensive and defensive skills needed to dominate on the court.

Players move from various stations where a trainer breaks down the drills and our trainers help break down the fundamentals, so players can understand and apply their training in game situations.

We use mental techniques to stand out from traditional basketball trainers. Most players and trainers work solely on muscle memory. Our team has done extensive research, study and application of mental memory and determined that in addition to muscle memory, mental memory (imagination and visualization) must be used to perform at an optimum level.


  • Location: We currently train at NextLevel Sports Complex
  • Schedule: Tues -Thurs 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Price:
    • $99.00 monthly (1x per week)
    • $150.00 monthly (2x per week)
    • $165.00 monthly (3x per week)
    • $50.00 Uniform & registration fee
    • Sibling Discount:
      • $90.00 monthly, each player (1x per week)
      • $125.00 monthly, each player (2x per week)
      • $145.00 monthly, each player (3x per week)


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