International Prep School

jw-hs-2fdribbleJW Basketball Academy provides the most detailed and comprehensive on-court and off-court preparation for international basketball players. Our coaches provide advanced NBA-style basketball skills development training, infused with first-rate agility and endurance training.

Many current and past NBA, international, Olympic, and college players have participated in the JW Basketball academy to reach that next level.

Program overview

Players who participate in the JW basketball training program learn from the very first day what it takes to better their game. Our experienced trainers put players though an initial battery assessment workout to identify areas of strength and weakness. This sets the bases for a training program individually tailored to each player.

Players train in individual and team workouts designed to simulate the professional evaluation process. This helps build confidence when being evaluated by any team personnel in any setting.

Off the court, our players participate in our mental conditioning program which develops skills to produce focus and confidence on the court. This program has been utilized by top professional in all sports and gives athletes the mental edge that is necessary to perform under high-pressure situations.


  • Gym and fitness training center
  • Two on-court, position-specific and general skills workouts per day
  • Daily athletic performance workouts
  • Mental conditioning – to prepare players to succeed both on and off the court
  • Video tapped performance analysis
  • Security – no public or media access without permission
  • Accommodations: Room and board is included
  • Ground transportation to/from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and to training facilities
  • Location: Southern California
  • Time period: 30, 60, and 90 day programs are available throughout the year
  • Pricing: Price includes room, board, transportation to and from airport and gyms, gym time, training sessions, and coaching staff. Actual price will be determined by the length of the program, player’s need, showcase events, introductions to college and NBA scouts, etc.
  • Not included: Travel to LAX, athletic attire/apparel, leisure activities, food, and incidentals

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