JW Basketball Academy is a friendly, positive, and competitive training environment. A place where the beginning to professional athlete can train and become a better person, student of the game, and representative of basketball.

Positive members of society are built at JW Basketball Academy. This is displayed through practice of good sportsmanship and proper fundamental training techniques. Mental, physical, and spiritual sets are groomed through the repetition of basketball skills. Individual and group trainings are designed to create positive focus, helping JW Basketball students to become clear and independent thinkers.

One of the goals of JW Basketball training is for the student to become a better fundamental, skilled, and well-rounded basketball player. The most important goal of JW Basketball Academy is to build positive people, leaders, and contributors to society and world. This is accomplished by preparing JW Basketball athletes for the trials, tribulations, competitions, positives, and negatives of life’s journeys through examples on the basketball court and through JW Basketball trainings.

“Spiritual Confidence through Skill Sets”.


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